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「Sync」に参加したアーティストの他、新たに発掘されたアーティストVinidile、へそ、chronos woodの3組が参加。バンドが入ったことでポップな要素が加わった、チルアウトをベースにした作品となっている。
Three pairs (artist Vinidile, the heso, and chronos wood newly excavated) besides the artist who participated in “Sync” participate in this album.  
A pop element joined the content in the band’s having entered. It is a work based on chillout


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2009.4.25(sat)-26(sun) Mt.Chills Presents ”TURN ON TUNE IN SPRING OUT”と同日

Sync / V.A

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Feel back Recordsより、レーベル設立と共に初リリースされたコンピレーションアルバム「Sync」。大阪で活躍するアーティスト達によって生み出されたチルアウト・ミュージック集。
Compilation album released from Feel back Records first with label establishment “Sync”.It is [chiruauto] music collection invented by artists active in Osaka.
A soft clicking sound : from the ambient to associate the forest like the sound of the earth and the sound etc. of the quick water to the feelings electronica.Many collect the sound of various feeling of quality.The sound that arose from the club scene in Osaka doesn’t keep staying only underground.A playground more open than CLUB is being developed to offer the environment that touches easily according to the Feelback sound.Not only music but also the relation to the art is pursued.


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Berlinに”Offener Kanal Berlin“ケーブルTVにてFeelbackの音源が放送決定。